Drubner, Hartley & Hellman, LLC

Past Cases


Drubner, Hartley & Hellman has played a leadership role in numerous class actions and complex litigations over the course of the firm’s history.  The following are some of our past successes.



In re U.S. Foodservice Pricing Litigation 06-CV- 1657 (CFD) (D.Conn.)

Drubner, Hartley & Hellman served as co-lead counsel in a case alleging USF improperly inflated the purported “cost” of goods it sold to its customers with cost-plus purchasing arrangements, and thereby breached its contracts with those customers and violated federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) laws. Drubner, Hartley & Hellman successfully obtained a settlement of $297 million with USF on behalf the affected customers.

Charles Hellman